Silver Nitrate Art

"A good photographer must love life more than he does photography"

Silver Nitrates Art is a forum meant to explore photography & other art forms as mediums of expression, happiness & cherishing moment as it comes.

Since the evolution, Photography is associated with science. Usage of machinery and chemical has been the key factors when someone used to think of photography. Today photography has evolved as an art and has become a medium of expression for masses. Internet and social media has played the role of ‘Disruptive Innovation’ and photography via various modes has given an impetus to this growth.

What We Do -:

This platform

•             Invites photo enthusiast to exhibit their talent and a chance to the society to see the world from the eyes of an artist.

•             Provides guidance and support to budding photographers.

Who Do We Serve-:

Everyone, when we say everyone, we mean everyone as we believe there’s an artist hidden in everyone. Today, thanks to the changing technology, everyone loves to click, capture and share and this is our driving force and tenet

How were we born -:

Thought and conceptualized by Mohit Gupta,  Silver Nitrate Art is a brain child of efforts of passion filled professionals who happen to be photo enthusiasts and believe in connecting for food: foto: fun .

Our identity -:

The logo unit was created by Manisha Malhotra, who happen to be one of the founder members of the group.